DroneSeed leverages drone technology to further reforestation efforts


DroneSeed developed a drone-based technology to reforest lands after wildfires efficiently.

The drones pack everything new trees need to thrive: seeds, nutrients, and natural pest deterrent. Also, the company uses laser mapping technology to determine where the seeds have the highest chance of survival to optimize the process.

DroneSeed can reforest up to 50 acres per day with five drones and four employees. In contrast, traditional reforestation methods that plant nursery-grown trees by hand can only cover 2 acres per day and cost up to 50% more.

Why does it matter? The severity and frequency of recent wildfires threaten Nature’s capacity to reforest. Without intervention, most of these forests could disappear in the following decades, with dramatic repercussions on biodiversity, air quality and global warming.

What can we do?

  • The easiest way to prevent fire from spreading is never to leave a campfire or fire pit unattended. Also, we should make sure to extinguish it completely before leaving.
  • Under certain conditions, even a small campfire can turn into a significant fire. Therefore, it’s preferable to alert the authorities immediately whenever we spot an unattended fire — even a small one.

DroneSeed has aggregated decades' worth of experience to develop tools that give us a fighting chance against climate change's effects on our forests.