Nigerian designer upcycles tyres into gorgeous furniture 

Favour Oluma is a Nigerian entrepreneur who creates modern ottomans and coffee tables from old tyres through her company Retyredglam.

After losing both of her parents, this self-taught designer decided to start her business to generate income for her family. She first experimented with old tyres she found in a refuse area by painting and decorating them. After posting some pictures on social media, Favour received an extremely positive response, which motivated her to kickstart her business.

On top of being an entrepreneur, Favour is also pursuing an education in soil science and land management at the Federal University of Technology, Minna. By doing so, she wants to fight gender prejudice and encourage other young girls to follow their dreams. Indeed, during her journey, many people tried to convince her to stop because “it was a man’s job.”

Why does it matter? Nigeria has one of the poorest populations in Africa. The country is ranked 142nd out of 180 in terms of GDP per capita in 2021. In the rural state where Favour comes from, the poverty rate climbs to 75% of the population. Moreover, discarded tyres generate significant health issues by hosting insects and disease-transmitting pests. 

Favour found a way to overcome her challenges while benefitting her family and community, inspiring the younger generation and lessening pollution in Nigeria. Also, her creations are amazing 😍