Smart Wheelchair Bro climbs stairs and navigates all terrains

The Swiss company Scewo designed Bro, an innovative wheelchair that allows people to navigate virtually all terrains and even climb stairs.

Founded by four students from ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts, the company won several design awards for its smart wheelchair. 

Users can operate the chair through an integrated touch interface or a smartphone and choose different modes: park, drive, and track mode. The latter enables more fine-grained control, letting users climb stairs, reach higher shelves at homes or be at eye level to others. In addition, according to Scewo, the technology ensures the seat balances itself to stay in a sitting position without the risk of tipping over.

The Scewo Bro can go up to 10 kph and has a battery autonomy of 35 km. It can also fit in the trunk of a car and requires 5 hours to charge fully.

Why does it matter? Independence in mobility is a critical determinant of quality of life. Today, 75 million people worldwide need a wheelchair daily. With increased longevity and ageing baby boomers, this number will likely grow in the years to come.

Although the world should become more accessible for people who need a wheelchair, this technology will increase their mobility and thus provide them with a better quality of life.