Learning While Pursuing an Entrepreneurial Journey w/ Support Black Charities


With Anick Silencieux, Founder of Support Black Charities, we talked about the non-profit sector and uncovered insights into learning while pursuing an entrepreneurial journey.

About Support Black Charities

The Toronto-based non-profit organization Support Black Charities is an online portal that connects Black-led, Black-serving and Black-focused charities to supporters worldwide.

Anick Silencieux founded the organization to give back to the non-profit sector and support her community.

Support Black Charities' mission is to increase charitable giving for people of African and Caribbean descent by allowing anyone to find causes that are close to them readily.

To support the organization, you can go on the website, check whom you can help, what you can do for organizations on the directory and donate to Support Black Charities.

Insights Into Learning While Pursuing an Entrepreneurial Journey

During her journey, Anick learned how to build an online platform and what being a non-profit meant to help Black charitable organizations address their issues. Also, she educated herself on the problems and the related solutions to provide them to others. 

In our discussion, we uncovered some tips to learn continuously while building and growing an organization.

  • Managing time. Having a schedule and a routine is essential to free time dedicated to learning. For instance, grouping meetings together can be useful to avoid context switching.
  • Collecting feedback. While talking with the people you want to help, you should take any opportunity to understand their biggest pain points and adapt your offer accordingly.
  • Leveraging tools and automation. Handling everything manually is not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, you should automate as much as possible, as soon as possible, to focus your energy on learning and performing other high-value tasks.
  • Asking for help. You are not supposed to learn everything by yourself. When a topic is outside your area of expertise, consider reaching out to people who can provide you with insights into the subject at hand.
  • Accepting mistakes. Mistakes happen, and you should not beat yourself up over them. The key is to learn from them and use these experiences to improve and make better decisions.
  • Testing your ideas early. Don't wait for your product to be perfect. Instead, try to discard or validate your assumptions early on. The later you find out about a wrong assumption, the greater the cost. 
  • Trusting the process. Growing an organization takes time. So be patient, appreciate what you are achieving, celebrate the victories - whatever their magnitude - and try to avoid frustration in the face of adversity.

Inspiration to Go!

Look at what you can give to people. It's not always money. It's not always your time. It's also your expertise, your knowledge. I believe everybody has something to give.

This article was updated on July 4, 2021

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