Telemedicine saves lives in rural Honduras

MosquitiaMed is a volunteer-based organization using telemedicine to improve access to health for the Miskitos community in Honduras.

This group's first goal is to educate the population about basic healthcare to promote and share community-based solutions to simple health problems. As a result, they solve low-complexity health issues, avoid unnecessary referrals, and reduce complications from lack of treatment.

For more serious health issues, the organization provides telemedicine through a mobile application to offer access to specialists in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital city. If required, it can also gather resources to move the patient to Tegucigalpa and treat them for free.

Why does it matter? Although Gracias a Dios—the Miskitos community's department—is the second largest in Honduras, it can only be reached by air or water. Also, this department is one of the poorest and has one of the worst health indicators in the country. Moreover, its largest city, Puerto Lempira, has only one hospital that cannot address complex needs because it lacks supply and specialists.