New graffiti in the UK absorb carbon dioxide from the air

In London and Bristol, graffiti artists Nerone and Jody Thomas painted murals that absorb carbon dioxide from the air!

Working with Lawless Studio, the French and British artists created these paintings to celebrate Lindeman’s winery’s carbon neutral certification through the Carbon Trust.

Graphenstone paint, the secret ingredient behind the murals, is a product combining lime and graphene technology. This company leverages these two components to create a carcinogen-free paint that filters the ambient air. Due to a natural process, the lime absorbs CO2 and cleans the air we breathe when it’s carbonating.

Why does it matter? According to the European Environment Agency data, the mural in London will absorb about 1.3kg of carbon dioxide in its lifetime -- the same amount a mature tree would absorb in three weeks. On the other hand, the Bristol one will absorb a whopping 2.6kg of CO2.

Art has been instrumental in helping the world cope with the pandemic, and it looks like it could also play its part in decarbonizing our air 💪