This game lets you clean up the ocean for fun

Ender Ocean is the first online game dedicated to cleaning up the oceans.

This French company features an innovative satellite-based photo analysis technology that detects ocean areas where waste has accumulated and remotely operated robots that pick up the waste underwater. These robots are operated by... online players!

By subscribing to the website, you get access to training sessions to familiarize yourself with the robot in swimming pools. You are then ready to participate in real-life operations, and Ender Ocean regularly opens slots in identified areas needing some cleaning to showcase your piloting skills.

Being an online game in 2021, these cleaning sessions are, of course, live-streamed on Twitch, and players can compare scores with each other. The cherry on the cake is that the company shares all the pictures and collected information as open data to increase our common knowledge of the oceans 🤩

Why does it matter? The world produces 10 tonnes of plastic each second. Since 1950, 9 billion tonnes of plastic have accumulated in the ocean, creating a 1.6 million square kilometres drifting “continent.” This plastic would take more than 1,000 years to decompose, notably affecting biodiversity, contaminating our seafood and depleting our natural resources.

Ender Ocean found an innovative way to collect and recycle plastic that is fun, competitive and extremely current. Hats off to them!