This German citizen uses LEGO bricks to improve accessibility in her hometown

Since LEGO introduced its little bricks to the world, they have never ceased to amaze and spark creativity among kids and adults.

Rita Ebel is a 62-years old grandmother using LEGO bricks to build wheelchair ramps in her German hometown of Hanau. For each ramp, she uses several hundreds of bricks, stuck together with up to eight tubes of glue. Given how hard it can be to separate the bricks from each other (we have sore fingers just thinking about it), you can imagine how solid the ramps are with all this glue.

Rita has been in a wheelchair since a car accident 25 years ago, and she was excited to witness the positive reactions around her creations. In addition to their utilitarian value, they bring a joyful atmosphere into this small town.

Businesses are thrilled to set them up as people who use a wheelchair can see that the shop is accessible from afar. Also, the colourful tiny bricks attract people of all ages, who never miss a chance to take pictures.

Rita’s idea has sparked interest worldwide, and she has sent ramp building instructions to Austria and Switzerland. She is also in contact with a school in the United States and people from Spain. 

Thanks to her imagination, some plastic bricks and a lot of glue, she managed to tackle an issue that she was facing directly while raising awareness about accessibility. We're all for it 💗