What's up this week? A free trip on the metro in Rome and more.

  • You can get a free trip on the metro in Rome by recycling 30 plastic bottles. During its first six weeks of operation, the Ricicli + Viaggi (Recycle + Travel) initiative processed over 350,000 plastic bottles and offered €17,500 worth of free travel.
  • Finland is teaching young people how to recognize disinformation, hoaxes and conspiracy theories by leveraging critical thinking. As a result, the country now has the best media literacy in Europe. 
  • Indigenous-led resistance to fossil fuel projects in North America has prevented emissions equivalent to 400 coal-fired power plants from entering the atmosphere in the last decade.
  • The UK government will introduce legislation to include electric vehicle charging points on all new-built homes and offices in England by 2022.
  • Since the 2015 Paris agreement, three-quarters of the world’s planned coal-based power plants have been cancelled.