What's up this week? Bhutan is the world’s first carbon-negative country and more.

  • Bhutan is the world’s first carbon-negative country. By incorporating sustainability into its national identity, this Asian country achieved this feat while becoming one of the world’s happiest countries.
  • In the last 20 years, the amount of land devoted to grazing animals to produce meat and milk has begun to shrink worldwide. This land takes twice as much space as agriculture, driving deforestation and degrading grassland while providing only a fraction of our nutritional needs.
  • In Sweden, only one in every 200 tonnes of waste ends up at a landfill site. Following the "recycling revolution," the country now recycles virtually all their garbage, edging closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.
  • Under a new European Union legislation, companies that sell consumer electronics in the EU and the UK will need to ensure those goods are easy to repair for up to 10 years.