What's up this week? The humpback whale population is at prior-whaling levels and more.

  • On the brink of extinction in the 70s, the humpback whale has since recovered, and the population is now almost at the same level as before whaling began in the 1700s, thanks to a ban on commercial whaling in 1986.
  • Denmark and Costa Rica want to create an alliance of nations dedicated to accelerating the end of fossil fuels. Their goal is to set up a date to phase out fossil fuels and end oil and gas exploration.
  • Two-thirds of the global population now live in countries where renewables (i.e. solar or wind power) are cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • Nearly 15% of global land is now protected. These 20 million square kilometres support the livelihoods of more than a billion people worldwide.
  • In 2007, the Nepalese constitution granted universal education. Today, more than 87% of Nepalese children go to preschool, against only 1% in 1983.